Email newsletters are a powerful customer engagement tool.  However, it can be a challenge to continually come up with new ideas for newsletter content.  Fortunately, there are many categories of content that lend themselves to email newsletters.  I have listed some ideas below to get the creative juices flowing.

  • New products/services
  • Featured sale products or services
  • Product/service reviews
  • Giveaways and contests
  • Industry-related news from around the web
  • Events – your events, local events, online events, upcoming, past etc.
  • Partner companies or brands – profiles, features, interviews
  • Seasonal content – holiday-related, National holidays, made-up fun holidays, other seasonal
  • Current events
  • Recap of past events
  • Customer or reader profiles – how they use your product, things they’ve learned, tips/tricks etc.
  • Exclusive content – invites to limited-capacity events, sales etc.
  • News coverage or publicity your brand or network is receiving
  • Your news – new website features, growth, how things work, featured employee
  • Tips and tricks – “Did you know”, help or customer service documentation, FAQ, explainers etc.
  • Surveys/Survey results
  • “How to”, testimonial videos
  • Course or training materials
  • Customer/user stories
  • Opinion piece or editorials
  • Customer testimonials
  • Custom offers/content based on user activity
  • Answer customer questions
  • Customer questions that are unanswered for the community to help with
  • Case studies/white papers

Hopefully, the above list will get you thinking about and making notes for future email newsletters.  We strongly suggest that you make note of any questions that a customer or prospect asks about your product or service.  Such questions provide a rich source of value added content.  Finally, please note that email newsletters can include video.  Short videos are especially effective for “how to” and customer testimonials.


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