SEO is dead.  Well, not completely but close.  Google is the king of SEO.  But, their ranking criteria are secret and keep changing.

If you’re thinking about paying someone to optimize your SEO or teach you to do it.  Don’t.  Save your money.  It is not a one time thing.  It is an endless search –  like searching for the proverbial fountain of youth.  And there is no guarantee of success.

What, then?


The kind of stuff people actually love.

  • Because it offers real, actionable value.
  • Because they’ll tell all their friends about it
  • Because it’s just too interesting to click away from

Let’s think about this.  What is the first thing you do if you are considering a purchase or have some problem that needs to be fixed?  You go to the internet looking for purchase options, answers to your questions, testimonials, etc.

Provide information that people are looking for.

Social Media

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube

Put yourself and your work out there in a genuine, human way.

Facebook is a great place to host customer reviews.  You need a Facebook account to write a review, so readers know who posted the review.  That is unlike some review sites where all the reviewers are basically anonymous and all four or five star – not particularly believable.

YouTube videos are especially effective.  People love video.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a thousand pictures.  “How to”,  product demonstration and customer testimonial videos are especially impactful.  Videos tend to get ranked higher.

Where to start?

Learn from people who are doing it successfully.  Keep coming up with new and creative ideas.  Make a habit of documenting questions that customers or prospects ask.  These questions provide an invaluable source of actionable content.

The catch?

A classroom won’t teach you how to do it.  There are no shortcuts.  You’ll have to make the effort.

West Chester Productions is here to help.


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